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Three Step Consulting Process

1. Discovery

We will discuss business-related goals, challenges, and pain points to understand your current operational constraints as well as set the framework for implementing solutions.

2. Planning & Outline

We will work together to create a roadmap for your business that incorporates the fundamentals of our process- including long-term strategies, robust structures, and creating a workplace culture that facilitates continued success.

3. Ongoing Collaboration

As your business stabilizes, develops, and succeeds, together we will collaborate on the continued journey toward reaching the vision you established for your company.

About A&E Advisory

A&E Advisory is a boutique business advisory firm dedicated to revitalizing established companies. We specialize in helping organizations that are facing stagnation or challenges in adapting to modern market demands. Our services are tailored to breathe new life into your business strategies, enhance operational efficiencies, and increase profitability.

With our team of experienced professionals, we provide expert guidance and innovative solutions that are necessary to transform your business challenges into growth opportunities. At A&E Advisory, we are committed to your success and dedicated to help you achieve lasting results.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A&E Advisory different from other consulting firms?

Implementation. As a unique advisory firm, our focus is on our hands-on strategy application. We craft customized strategic plans and actively partner with businesses for real-world execution, setting us apart as a dynamic ally in achieving tangible success. We are not just an advisory firm; we are a partner in building your legacy.

Why hire an advisory instead of self-learning?

"If we know what areas we need help with, can’t we Google it, watch YouTube videos, buy a book, or take a course?"

While gaining insights from others is valuable, relying solely on generic strategies can be limiting. Many resources offer "best practices" that might only suit a fraction of your needs. Our key is a tailored approach that reflects your company's unique profile, including team strengths and weaknesses. Factors like competition, financial standing, and marketing strategies are crucial, but optimizing your team's potential is central. This cannot be found in off-the-shelf solutions. Our expertise lies in providing that individualized strategy, offering an external expert's knowledge to truly harness your business's potential.

Do you tailor your programs to specific needs?

"I don’t need a comprehensive, top-to-bottom revamp of every aspect of my company. Can I hire you to help with just HR and internal communications? Marketing strategy and tools?"

Our experts specialize in every facet of business operations, offering customized support wherever you need it. As we work together, we'll spotlight growth opportunities, empowering you to take your business to new heights.

Remember, transformative success isn't about quick fixes but addressing the bigger picture. We dive deep to uncover and tackle fundamental challenges, guiding you closely every step of the journey, wherever your specific needs lie.

What’s this going to cost me?

"There is not a cost on your website nor on other advisories’ websites either, what should I expect your services to cost?"

Hiring an advisory is commonly known as an essential business expense like hardware or overhead. Our costs reflect the individuals' specific needs of their business, rather than a set package because each business has unique challenges and/or goals. We always consider your budget. Our pricing is tailored to fit per case, adjusted as needed to ensure value and affordability.

How do you work with our employees?

"I’m concerned that bringing in an outside firm to “tell us how to work” will trigger resistance with my employees. How does your company integrate with our established operations?"

We position ourselves as collaborative partners in your business's evolution, engaging in a shared journey rather than dictating from the sidelines. By working closely with you and your staff to ensure implementation is seamless, our goal is to ease day-to-day operational tension and increase productivity through a shared vision.

What is the end product of A&E’s services?

We are committed to your enduring success. Our collaboration yields a diverse strategy—encompassing mindset shifts, actionable tactics, and clear KPIs—that you understand, endorse, and can execute. Post-delivery, we empower you by remaining on standby for consultation, ready to address any unforeseen challenges. Periodic reviews ensure continuous improvement and assess the need for further partnership as new goal ventures arise.