Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have someone on the team who has worked specifically with companies of our size, in our sector? Can we hear some success stories for situations parallel to ours?
While we often do have someone on the team who has worked in your field, what’s important to understand is that our focus is on dynamics, on mindset, and on optimizing the “jigsaw puzzle” that is your structure. Yes, we spend significant time studying your field, interviewing employees, and grounding ourselves in the goals of any player in your sector; but so much of our guidance is specific to your own scenario – we actually prefer to approach it with fresh eyes and not to simply re-apply what we’ve done before, no matter how successful.
If we know what areas we need help with, can’t we Google it, watch YouTube videos, buy a book, or take a course? Isn’t that enough?
These are all excellent ideas; gaining knowledge and learning from the experience and perspective of others can only help you explore your potential and possibilities.
BUT … we’d strongly recommend you not let the future of your business ride on a one-size-fits-all approach, as many of these resources may promote. The notion of “best practice” is extremely limited in scope, and can align with perhaps 20% of your business needs. The other 80%+ is a custom-fit, specialized strategy that applies to your company’s unique DNA – the strengths and weaknesses of your team. You obviously need to also consider competition, financial position, perceived differentiators, marketing challenge and sales tactics, and more, but we firmly believe that leveraging people correctly is at the center of it all. And that recipe is not anything you can find pre-made online, and it is the core of the way we can help with an expert, outsider’s perspective.
I don’t need a comprehensive, top-to-bottom revamp of every aspect of my company. Can I hire you to help with, say, just HR and internal communications? Marketing strategy and tools?
Absolutely. We have specialists for each aspect of a business’s operations and are happy to help a la carte with any element you need. While we are there, we may take the opportunity to point out other areas we see in which there is potential to excel, and you can decide if you’d like to further engage us to help with those as well. Often, you’ll “see the light” regarding a particular approach or tactic, and you’ll be empowered to independently apply our techniques to other departments or teams in your company.
All that being said, true game-changing strategies are rarely “quick hits” that can be tackled in a quick, narrow project-based approach. Instead of attacking a micro problem, we assess (and help you solve) the macro issues. Put another way, we get our hands dirty digging into the details — but we’d suggest you pull on some gloves because we hold your hand all the way through!
I’m concerned that bringing in an outside firm to “tell us how to work” will trigger resistance and frankly, some animosity among my team – especially those veterans in the trenches, proud of significant experience and success. How can you do the job without people feeling threatened, being “told what to do” by outsiders?
We see ourselves as partners on a journey of evolution, not all-knowing mentors hoping to educate naïve employees. Our approach is to sit side by side and together discover the unique path to success. We certainly never appear on the scene claiming to have the answers; you know more about your business than anyone, as we develop strategies, we do so as a discussion, not a lecture.
Some of my management team believes your services are a luxury - consultants are expensive.
As for it being a luxury, hiring a consultant is simply a decision to invest in your own success. Think of this expenditure like you do about computer hardware, office space, travel costs, or salaries and benefits for your team. Both the short-term and long-term ROI are dependent on how seriously you take the advice and how rigorously you implement it. Think about it this way: you are spending money for an outsider’s perspective and expertise that you do not have in-house; we’re outside the box, not in it. No number of long, soul-searching meetings of your own team can provide the objective, unbiased insights we can provide.
Our pricing is per-case. We provide an up-front package price based on the hours and effort we believe to be required, and if along the way we collectively decide you need more or less work than expected, we’ll have that discussion to agree on an acceptable, affordable plan.
We’re in it with you for the long haul. First, we consider our initial task complete when we’ve provided you with a comprehensive solution (incorporating mindset, general strategy, specific tactics and measurable KPIs) that you:
  • fully understand;
  • agree with because it was developed together with you;
  • have successfully implemented.
Once we have delivered the initial strategic plan, with documentation for reference, we give you time to execute, measure, assess, and revisit. Along the way, of course, we are available to consult when unexpected issues arise and need to be incorporated. We then return at a predetermined time to review progress, tweak if needed, and decide together if we can be of additional service.

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